Wellness coaching is a burgeoning field, making headlines in both healthcare publications as well as mainstream media. But what do wellness coaches do? I'd like to take you through some of my coaching conversations to give you more of a feeling for what we do and - sometimes more importantly - what we don't do. (No names are used to preserve anonymity) 

Last week, I was speaking with a client who has been trying to incorporate more frequent meditation into her daily routine (let's call this Goal #1). We were working together to figure out ways for her to be successful, and she was feeling frustrated that other priorities had gotten in the way of her practice. She was telling me that she had gotten distracted by another goal (we will call this Goal #2) which didn't even go well for her! As she was attempting Goal #2, she felt frazzled and frustrated, as well as anxious that Goal #1 was getting ignored. As I was hearing her, I thought to myself, "She should just meditate BEFORE she starts her other goals - then she can be in a calmer and more ready place! I'm a genius!" But I bit my tongue. As I reflected what I was hearing, and reminded her of the positive experiences she had mentioned in previous sessions regarding her practice, she came to the same conclusion as I just had. The important thing is that SHE came to the realization on her own; I had simply reflected back what she had already told me and she was able to see the forest for the trees. 

One of a wellness coach's most important jobs is just to listen. We listen actively, synthesizing and reflecting your words back so you are able to see the forward momentum you are already making. By allowing you to come to your own conclusions, you determine the direction of your wellness.

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