Every summer for a couple of months, the pool has certain days and times that it is set to the long course. Instead of a 50-yard lap, it's a 100-yard lap. Over the last two years, I did the long course exactly once - the last day it was set in 2013. I wasn't sure if I had the endurance to actually swim that far without stopping. I looked enviously at those who easily took on the challenge. When I finally make the plunge (pun intended), it was awesome! I loved being able to get into a rhythm without having to stop and turn back around. It wasn't as overwhelming as I made it out to be in my head. I was looking forward to the long course again for 2014.

Flash forward to 2014, and the long course is back up - and I'm 34 weeks pregnant. Can I do it? The same trepidation arises. I haven't been swimming with my Master's class as I can't keep up with their workouts, but I definitely say hi on a regular basis. I go to see them as they are getting ready to start their workout, right after I had finished mine in the only short course lane available.

Me: "I'm not sure about swimming the long course. I just got out of the shallow end and I'm pretty beat."
Others: "You can always hang on to the lane line!"
"Just take the end lane, the wall is right there."
"Go slow, you'll be fine."
"You won't have any problems."
"Try a kickboard first to get comfortable."
"I can't believe you're still swimming! That is so great."

So, I take their advice and encouragement to heart. The lane line is right there. The wall is about four feet away. I can always get out and hop in the short lane. Ok, I'm ready! I get in, and it's no problem at all! I use their strategies not only to help with what could very well be roadblocks to my success, but also as motivators that I really could do it. I appreciate their support and know that they are rooting for me to meet my goal.

Have you ever turned to your support network for help? What was successful? Did you utilize any advice or strategies that they suggested? And did it help you to meet your goal? I'd love to hear from you: amanda@wellfulcoaching.com.

Coach Amanda

10/7/2022 10:11:09 am

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4/8/2023 06:54:19 pm

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